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What difference, at this point, does it make

by Tom O'Halloran on April 4, 2014

In January, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got into a heated exchange with Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin during her testimony on Benghazi before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Johnson asked Clinton to ascertain whether the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a response to an anti-Islam YouTube video. A visibly-furious Clinton took exception to Johnson’s inquiry and shot back, “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

The Clinton Chronicles – Please Take the Time to Watch THIS!!

Hillary SuperPAC to Unleash $1 Million Internet Troll Army

by Veronica Coffin on April 26, 2016



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Written by:  TIM BROWN

Trolls, they’re not just under bridges in fairy tales. They are everywhere on the internet. Now, a pro-Hillary Clinton SuperPAC is spending $1 million to attack negative comments on social media and, no doubt, sites like this one.

According to PAC Correct the Record, its main focus is “a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.” In this case, it’s trolling.

“Anonymous online attacks, from both sides of the political spectrum, have sought to spread lies and misleading narratives about Secretary Hillary Clinton,” reads a statement from the PAC. “Hillary’s supporters are more enthusiastic than Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ supporters, yet oftentimes are discouraged from engaging online and are “often afraid to voice their thoughts” because of the fear of online harassment. Many of Hillary Clinton’s female supporters in particular have been subject to intense cyber-bullying and sexist attacks from swarms of anonymous attackers.”

“Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram,” the PAC added.

The “Barrier Breakers 2016 digital task force,” which is set up by Correct the Record, will seek to provide positive comments about Hillary and counter negative comments and posts about her. You can view a few of the memes that will identify their work here.

“Lessons learned from online engagement with ‘Bernie Bros’ during the Democratic Primary will be applied to the rest of the primary season and general election — responding quickly and forcefully to negative attacks and false narratives,” Correct the Record continued. “Additionally, as the general election approaches, the task force will begin to push out information to Sanders supporters online, encouraging them to support Hillary Clinton.”

Upon hearing of this news, the Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Mike Casca told The Daily Beast, “Our campaign and our vendors are not paying people to reply to anti-Bernie comments on social media.”

Right, sure they aren’t.

TDB went on to report that many on social media had pointed out that Sanders had engaged in the same activity, spending $16 million on marketing company “Revolution messaging.”

According to The Real Strategy:

Super PACs aren’t normally allowed to coordinate with candidates, but FEC loopholes mean Correct the Record can – a move discovered by the Sunlight Foundation’s Libby Watson.

“The whole reasoning behind (Supreme Court decision) Citizens United rests on (PACs) being independent, but Correct the Record claims it can coordinate,” Watson told The Daily Beast.

“It’s not totally clear what their reasoning is, but it seems to be that material posted on the Internet for free — like, blogs — doesn’t count as an ‘independent expenditure’.”

The Clinton campaign was also exposed by The Intercept for the use of “astroturfers” in the media.

It makes me wonder if some of the people attacking and shutting down Kathy Amidon’s Benghazi Tea Party Fire Ants posts are paid trolls by not only the Clinton campaign, but even by the Obama administration.

In either case, trolling has become very common, and it isn’t just among Democrats. Sadly, many have been trolling, attempting to remove the historical understanding of natural born citizen for men like Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in their presidential bids.



Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

by Veronica Coffin on April 25, 2016



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin

Just a few (25) of the scandals, lies, and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton.


The Criminals Who Support Hillary Clinton

April 24, 2016

    Submitted by: Veronica Coffin Written by:  Dave Hodges In the aftermath of Benghazi combined with Aaron Klein’s revelations that some of the illegal Clinton emails were transmitting his location prior to his death, should we not question the wisdom of anyone who would support Clinton’s run for the Presidency? And when we look […]

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It’s Not Just Goldman Sachs: Here’s The FULL List of Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street

April 23, 2016

    Submitted by: Veronica Coffin Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  came under fire for three highly-paid speeches she gave to Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs in the years between the end of her secretaryship and the start of her presidential campaign in 2015. Clinton collected $675,000 for the speeches, and critics say the payments […]

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The Panama Papers Scandal Ensnares Hillary Clinton

April 12, 2016

    Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton   Hillary Clinton is being caught up in the Panama Papers scandal and the Mossack Fonseca leak. Among the information released are revelations concerning Russia’s biggest bank and their connection to the Podesta Group as their lobbyist in Washington, DC. That’s right… Podesta. The CEO, Tony Podesta, […]

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Clintons presided over population control plan to keep black Haitians from ‘breeding’

March 15, 2016

    Submitted by: Veronica Coffin   By BEN JOHNSON March 15, 2016 – The Clinton administration enacted a population control policy in Haiti designed to stop poor black people from reproducing, according to a prominent left-wing website. After reading an internal memo from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the authors concluded that under the […]

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Previously Undisclosed Internal Memos Spell Out Criminal Case against Hillary Clinton

January 29, 2016

    Previously Undisclosed Internal Memos Spell Out Criminal Case against Hillary Clinton Over 1990s Whitewater/ Castle Grande Land Transaction Scandal   Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin Just yesterday, we released 246 pages of previously undisclosed Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) internal memos revealing extensive details about the investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton for possible criminal […]

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The Clinton Chronicles: Bill and Hillary Exposed

January 15, 2016

    Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton is a 1994 film that accused Bill Clinton of a range of crimes. The video, directed by conservative activist Patrick Matrisciana, was characterized by The Washington Post as a “bizarre and unsubstantiated documentary.”[1] The New York […]

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Liberals Praise Hillary Clinton’s New Ad With Same Sex Couples Kissing

December 9, 2015

    Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin Written by:  Michelle Fields   The Hillary Clinton campaign is out with an ad highlighting her record as an advocate for LGBT rights. The spot includes images of gay couples kissing each other. The liberal website Slate praises Clinton for including same-sex kissing in her campaign ad, saying, “Given […]

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Hillary Clinton Slams Pro-Lifers After Shooting: Support Planned Parenthood, Don’t Attack It

December 1, 2015

  Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin Written by:  STEVEN ERTELT   For the second time, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a tragic shooting in Colorado to defend the Planned Parenthood abortion business. On Friday, Clinton sent a tweet exploiting the active shooting before the shooter was apprehended or a motive known to push for support […]

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Clinton gestapo at work!

November 30, 2015

    Clinton gestapo demands personal information from comedians who revealed her campaign to be a complete joke Submitted by Veronica Coffin Written by J. D. Heyes   Telling jokes that are not flattering to Hillary Clinton is no laughing matter, several comedians discovered recently, after she sicced some of her campaign goons on the owner […]

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15 months after Hillary Loses $6 Billion as Secretary of State, a group supporting her receives $1 Million in “Untraceable” money

August 11, 2015

Email this pageIN April of 2014, it was reported that Hillary’s State Department lost $6 Billion In that column, I said that she would, regardless of her poll numbers get record amounts of cash pumped into the campaign… and it has begun… Group backing Clinton gets $1M from untraceable donors Hillary Rodham Clinton told a […]

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FUNNIEST CHART O’ THE DAY: Breakdown of Where Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “Charitable” Donations Went

August 5, 2015

    According to their tax returns, it turns out that essentially all of the Clinton family’s “charitable donations” were directed back to their own “charities”. As TaxProf notes, the family’s charitable giving from 2007 onward has been a case study in moving money around. Since 2007, the Clintons “made $15 million (10.8 percent of […]

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Hillary’s First 100 Days

August 5, 2015

    * Satire, but you won’t believe what Hillary is doing on tax policy. It is virtually identical to Bill’s 1992 platform, when he made sweeping promises to enact a big middle class tax cut then denied it after being elected. This is surely Hillary’s plan too. After all it worked once, and those […]

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Top 10 Reasons Killary Should Never Be POTUS (in no particular order)

August 1, 2015

      1. The Russian Reset was a complete failure. The reset emboldened Putin’s militant agenda, first in Crimea, then in the Ukraine. Russia will now never respect Killary as POTUS. War is virtually guaranteed with her in the White House. Moreover, Putin and his cronies will turn her into a punch line at […]

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Time to Arrest Hillary

July 12, 2015

    Written by Mark Tapson Arrest, not elect. News analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano recently posted a Washington Times op-ed called “Hillary’s Secret War,” in which he declares with certainty that Hillary Clinton “provided material assistance to terrorists and lied to Congress in a venue where the law required her to be truthful.” After reading the transcript of […]

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Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Helps Hillary Clinton Open Iowa Office

July 4, 2015

    Written by STEVEN ERTELT The abortion industry will have a best friend in the White House again if Hillary Clinton is elected president and recent events in Iowa prove that to be true. There, the CEO of the local Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliate helped Clinton open up a campaign office int he state […]

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Satan in a pants suit

July 2, 2015

    WOULD’T THE COUNTRY BE GREAT WITH ANOTHER CLINTON PRESIDENT!!!! Many people who may vote in the democratic primary election, if there is one, and the general election in 2016 have no real knowledge of Mrs. Clinton or her accomplishments.  As a public service, I thought I would provide some input regarding her triumphs […]

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